Binary Minded Software

Welcome to the new Binary Minded Software. Here you will find programs and other things which I created as a hobby and now wish to share with the world.

Fountain Music is an iTunes visualizer (for Macs) which I have been working on for a few years now. It uses the beat of the music to animate a flowing fountain of particles. Remember The Milk for Quicksilver (RTM for QS) is a plugin to tie together the Mac application Quicksilver and the web application Remember The Milk. You can find out more on their specific pages, which are linked to in the navigation bar above.

Latest News

January 22, 2011

Get ready for this. Ready? Oh my fake blog, it's an update to Fountain Music. I'll lead off with the bad news: it requires iTunes 10 or later and Snow Leopard. Well, it definitely requires Snow Leopard, but I haven't tried it on older iTunes versions. The story behind this release is that I recently dusted off the Fountain Music source and tried to build it on Snow Leopard. It did not compile, mostly due to ATSUI being thoroughly deprecated in favor of CoreText. This release fixes that, and as a side effect text looks a little better. Another change I have made is to remove the option to set full screen resolution, since iTunes 10 (and possibly before) ignores these settings and just uses your display's native resolution. The installer has also been rewritten, so it will hopefully work a lot more reliably now.

And I call it: Fountain Music 2.3.

June 9, 2008

I've posted a small update to Fountain Music. The particles should have a slightly different appearance.

December 13, 2007

A new program! It's for a very specific niche: users of both the online to-do service Remember The Milk and the fantastic Mac utility Quicksilver. In short, it's a Quicksilver plugin that lets you quickly enter tasks into Remember The Milk. I wrote it mostly for myself, but I hope it is useful for other people. Find out more here.