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Version 2.3 - January 22, 2011

Fountain Music

The iTunes music player supports visual plug-ins, which produce an animation in sync with the playing music. Fountain Music is a visualizer which animates a fountain of soft particles to the beat of the music.


Fountain Music is not compatible with iTunes 10.5 and later in 64-bit mode. I do not have plans to update it anytime soon, sorry. If you installed Fountain Music already, you may wish to remove it from your system. To do so, just download the Fountain Music installer from this page, which will give you the option to remove it.



New in this Release (v 2.3)

If you like Fountain Music...

Sure, Fountain Music is neat, but there are a number of other great iTunes visualizers out there you won't want to miss. These are a few of my favorites, be sure to try them out:


Fountain Music is an open source application released under a BSD-style license. You can download the latest source on GitHub.